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The increase of the minimum wages since 01.01.2020

According to Government Decision No.935 of January 13, 2019, the minimum gross wage in the economy will increase from 2080 lei to 2230 lei, for an average work schedule of 167,333 hours per month, representing 13,327 lei / hour.
For staff assigned to positions where higher education is required, ...

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The company aims to support the companies stifled by the Romanian bureaucracy and the companies who wish quality services on minimal prices. The company was founded in 2005 and in 2008 was launched on the market under the brand

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The company’s collective is a young, enthusiastic very competitive and qualified one. The service range helps to a better organization of the company and to the reduction of the company's costs.

It is known that any external service will always have lower costs that the internal one. Our company was, as well founded based on this principle.

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